African Business Ideas – Poultry Farming

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In this section, we will be reviewing weekly potential business ideas.

Business Problem

Most African countries are net importers of chicken and poultry products like eggs and fresh chicken parts. The imported products are often odd tasting and usually limited to only legs and other undesirable chickens parts.


Get a farm and start producing fresh chicken products and chicken parts. Most high end hotels and restaurants have a strong desire for chicken breasts and eggs. The local markets are also severely underserved. (An alternative business would be selling day old chicks to other farms. You can also look into producing and selling high quality chicken feed to other farms.)

Business Model – How To Make Money

Figure out a way of selling your chickens to locals with the least number of middle men. Go to hotels and restaurants and sign them up for regular delivery of all their poultry needs. Ensure that you delivery is always on time, and of the highest quality.

Target Market

    Local Markets

Funding Required

Given that the cost of land varies greatly from one location to another, this estimate excludes the cost of land. However, in most African locations you can rent land and begin a profitable poultry farm for under $1,500. Contact your local breeders association and the agricultural association for guidance and help in building a network.



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